Welcome to the Rock’n-N Bed & Breakfast, the historic farm house of the former McGinty Ranch near Plains, Texas! 


Early history of the McGinty Ranch: 

Marion McGinty was born in 1872 in Goliad Texas.  He worked on many great Texas ranches including “08 Ranch” which was sold and became the “6666”. He married Addie Morrison in 1897.  The couple moved to Yoakum County in January 1915 via Post TX with six sons.


One of their sons, A E (Dick), spent most of his life in Yoakum County. Sometime before 1941 he bought a pasture section (640 acres) where the current Rock’n-n Bed and Breakfast is located.


In 1941 he married Lois.  This is where they raised their children Sylvia, Kenneth, Alton & Kathleen.


The current house was moved from “Nevel’s Ranch” about 8 miles southwest of Plains. We think the original house was built in 1914 according to G W Cleveland (deceased). It has been added onto several times during its lifetime. The original part was called Box & Plank construction. One layer of 1 by 12’s standing up with the second layer nailed on horizontally inside. This was covered with cloth wallpaper. The outside was shiplap, in later years, stucco.


Dick and his brothers were entrepreneurs. They wheeled and dealed in cattle, farming, oil & real estate. He and his brother Rusty owned “Plains Frozen Foods” which Dick operated from 1947 until 1963.


Dick & Lois built their spread up to 4 deeded sections and 12 rented sections (12000+ acres).


Rusty preformed professional rodeo from 1929-47.  In 1937 at Madison Square Garden, Rusty earned the title World Champion Bull Dogger.  He held that title for five years.


Modern History of the Rock’n  N  Bed & Breakfast


Lois was the last one to live in the house. My mother, Lavern Newsom, purchased the ranch in 2006 from Lois’ daughter Kathlene McGinty Reynolds. Many items in the B&B were found in and around the property.


Mother started remodeling and took the house down to the studs. She always liked carpentry work so off she went. There were many nails to pull and walls to move.  It took two years of work to rebuild this house to its former glory.


Mother hired folks to help her, but everything was done under her very watchful eye. She had many a critic and many folks tell her she was crazy for a 74 year old woman to take on such a project!! She enjoyed her endeavor. At times it almost drove her silly. She persevered and did a great job!


Now she is retiring again for the fourth time. My brother Neal and wife Janice, and I, Denise Newsom Johnson, are taking over. We are looking forward to having you as guests at the Rock’n  N  B&B. Come stay with us and I will cook you a big country breakfast while you enjoy the peace and quiet on the front porch.


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Rock’n  N B&B

The Newsom Family


Sources: Lavern Newsom, Alton McGinty, G W Cleveland and “Yoakum County, Sod To 1986”