We are the Newsom family located on the High Plains of West Texas on the New Mexico state line, appellation of Llano Estacado. Our well being depends on our ability to live off the land. We make a living in agriculture by growing grapes.

It all began in a freshman chemistry class at Texas Tech University in 1973 with Professor Roy Mitchell. He compared the climate of West Texas to other wine growing regions of the world.  We now have two vineyards, my Momís and my own. We started in 1986 with 3 acres of Cabernet Sav.  We have grown to over 90 acres of Cab Sav, Merlot, Sangiovese, Orange Muscat, Tempranillio, Malbec and Pinot Grigio and others. Our elevation is 3700 ft. Hot days and cool nights on shallow, sandy, red-clay soil over limestone. This is what grapes thrive in. All our grapes are drip irrigated.

We currently contract grow for 12 wineries, some of these since we started. Our grapes have almost always wound up in every wineryís reserve program with vineyard designation. We have won Several international medals (Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego & Switzerland), and gold and silver medals in most regional events (Including Area States) that we have been entered into by our wineries. Visit the wineries  using our grapes, and see whatís been In the News about our vineyards.

Neal & Janice Newsom &Family

We grow for the Gold!




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